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Sheldon - Baby RoomThe baby unit at our Sheldon nursery caters for 15 children per day aged 0-2 years. We employ qualified experienced, loving staff to cater for all your babies needs and provide them with a warm, safe and welcoming environment. The baby unit is a secure place giving the children lots of floor space for crawling, also to encourage babies to develop their social skills in a group or as individuals.
Your baby will receive our undivided love and attention with plenty of stimulation at all times. We follow any feeding pattern that you already have in place with your child. The older babies are encouraged to use their early independence during mealtimes and during planned activities throughout the day.

The baby room is designed especially for fun, stimulation and lots of encouragement and cuddles. It is designed to be bright, colourful and welcoming to encourage our younger children to be playful and inquisitive at each stage of their development. Of course, there is a big difference between a baby who is 3 months and one who is nearly 2, so we try and make sure that each child's experience is customised around their age and personality so that they have fun and are challenged appropriately.
All toys, equipment and bedding are cleaned and sterilised at the end of each day.

Staff ratiosSheldon - Baby Room
We operate a maximum 3:1 ratio in the baby room but each child will always be allocated to one member of staff who will have special responsibility, that member of staff will be your child's key person, they will be allocated a key person upon starting nursery. A key person is your first point of contact should you have any concerns, comments or queries. They will talk with you about the fun things that happened and run through your child's daily record book.

The daily record book provides an insight into your babies day at nursery and details such as sleep times, nappy changes and feeding times and amounts.

Taking a Nap
When our children are tired and need a nap, we have a cozy little quiet sleep area with cots and rockers for small babies and bed mats for the older babies. Their sleep times are monitored and recorded and all sleep times are noted in your child's daily record book. Fresh linen is provided daily for each child and soothers are given if needed. Our cots provide a snug blanket, canopy and soothing melodies from the mobiles.

Sheldon - Baby RoomStimulation
We ensure that all of the babies in our care receive the maximum amount one to one interaction with their nominated career. This allows us to provide them with plenty of stimulation through the day with age appropriate toys and activities.

What to provide
Parents are required to provide nappies and wipes(these can be daily or in bulk) and any formula milk (this can be ready made bottles or a tub to be kept at nursery). Your child will need change of clothes, just in case they are needed during the day, especially during messy activities, any comforter your child requires and slippers. Outside baby room you will find a bench with slots underneath for you to store your child's shoes for the day.Sheldon - Baby Room

For the summer months - please provide a sun hat and sun cream (this can be brought in daily or kept at nursery). We will encourage the children to drink lots of water during the hot days.

For the winter months - please provide warm clothing, coat, hat, gloves, scarf and wellies (these can be kept at nursery or brought in each day). We have a selection of water proof onesie's for the wet days.

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