Bumble Bees

Hall Green - Bumble Bees
Bumble Bees
Bumble Bees at our Hall Green Nursery, provides a very warm, welcoming and caring environment. Our highly trained staff provide a variety of opportunities so children can explore and experiment within a safe environment , enabling them to grow and flourish. The children enjoy a variety of creative and messy play activities, thus allowing them to experience various textures.
We also offer heuristic play with a range of natural resources, loose parts and treasure baskets allowing every child to explore through their own curiosity. Children are encouraged to use their early independence during mealtimes, when accessing the outdoor environment and during planned activities throughout their day.
Hall Green - Bumble Bees
When our children are tired and need a nap, they can use our quiet cosy sleep area. Whilst they are asleep, we carry out regular checks to ensure they are comfortable during this time of rest. We ensure that all of the Bumble Bees in our care receive one to one interaction with the nominated Key Person allowing us to provide them plenty of stimulation through the day with age appropriate toys and activities.

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