Busy Bees Room

Shirley - Busy BeesThe Busy Bees room caters for children between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 years old and we can take up to 14 children each day in this room, with 3 members of staff.
Busy Bees is bright and colourful and has specific areas of learning set out at all times so that children can play freely and independently within the play room. Busy Bees is more structured and the children take part in a range of adult and child initiated activities during the day.
Within Busy Bees there is a maths area, mark making table, role play area, cosy corner, messy area and a wide range of table top activities available to the children each day.
Although the children play freely throughout the day, we also provide a large range of other activities that the child can participate in.

Shirley - Busy Bees
Some the activities we do are: -
Sticking - making our beautiful creations.
Painting - Using a variety of different tools like paintbrushes, spreaders, rollers and stampers.
Sensory / messy play -Rice, Pasta, Gloop, Play dough, Baked beans and Jelly. These activities encourage us to explore different textures.
Water play - we have objects that float and sink and squirt and swim!
Music time - sing-a-long with nursery rhymes and musical instruments from around the world.
Story time - short stories with fun and acting.
Outdoor play - playing on scooters, bikes, slides and cars.
A big emphasis for us at this age is to encourage the children to interact together and to appreciate others. We focus on social skills and enabling them to express themselves.
Teaching a child how to be patient, how to share and to take turns is often not easy, but these are lessons that can be learned through guidance and support from the staff.

Shirley - Busy BeesSleep time
Some children in the Busy bees room may need a sleep after lunch time. The children who do go to sleep have their own mattress and their own sheets.
The children are checked regularly by a member of the team. The children who do not sleep or go home after lunch, have activities set up for them down the other end of the room, where they can play.

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