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Hall Green - Busy BeesOur Busy Bees room helps the children prepare for 'big school'. Each child will take part in a wide range of activities based around the EYFS. There will be plenty for your child to bring home and enjoy with you. We encourage the children within the school room to listen to and respect each other. Busy Bees caters for 18 children and works on 8:1 children to staff ratio.

Hall Green - Busy Bees

The room has a wealth of resources that support the children's learning within the EYFS framework. The staff plan around the children's individual interests and use the rooms facilities such as our interactive whiteboard to develop these interests. The structured day is centered on individual learning where the children's learning is carefully observed and recorded by the child's key person. As well as their focused learning the children are encouraged to be independent and make their own choices during their free play and when they are outdoors.

 Our Busy Bees provides various different learning experiences that motivate and teach the children for their future. We focus on numeracy, understanding of the world, ICT and literacy.

Hall Green - Busy BeesOur creative area where children can explore and engage in activities through the use of materials and resources that include gluing, paint, water, sand, rice, corn-flour, and gloop to name but a few. Role play provides the children with a calm area, allowing them to develop their preferences and forms of expression as they mimic everyday life using equipment that they use at home and are familiar with.

The room has open access to the outdoor area where all seven areas of learning are enhanced whilst the children are outside. The garden supports gross motor activities with bikes and scooters. The children also have an area to plant and care for flowers as well as grow their own fruit and vegetables. The children are also involved in local educational trips to the library, parks, and local shops on a weekly basis.

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Busy Little Bees
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