Honey Bees Room

Shirley - Honey roomOur Honey Bee's Room caters for children between 2 and 2 3/4 years old and we can take up to 12 each day in this room with 3 members of staff.

The Honey Bee's room provides a safe, secure and stimulating environment for the children. As the children move into this room their needs are closely considered and parents are spoken to, to ensure that they are fully supported during the transition.
The Honey Bee room provides new activities and resources to support the children as they develop and gain a lot of independence.
Shirley - Honey Room


The children enjoy a wide range of activities in the Honey Bee room but is slightly more structured than Bumble Bees. Within the room while the activities are being carried out the children are encouraged to talk and to try and make conversation, also this may lead to colours numbers and general everyday words.
Examples of our activities:
Messy play - Getting messy with lots of foods such as Baked beans, Gloop, Jelly Pasta, Rice and Play dough
Musical Instruments and singing - the children enjoy and respond to the different sounds that the staff and instruments can make.
Story time - Listening to our favourite stories.
Construction - Building towers and knocking them down
Small world - Cars, small world people and farm and animals
Role play - Cooking each other lots of yummy meals and playing with the babies.
Outdoor play - Playing with the mud kitchen and making lots of mess!!, Going down the slide and exploring the environment
Sand and Water play - playing with bubbles, splashing, filling and emptying containers and exploring the different textures.
I.C.T Skills- to encourage us to learn basic skills using objects with buttons and flaps and the tablets.

Sleep Routines
We encourage the children in the Honey Bee room to follow the nursery routine wherever possible. This is done gradually as they move into this room, to ensure that the children are fully supported at all times. Most days the children will go down for a nap after lunch time all together. The children have beds and fresh linen each day to ensure that the spread of any germs is controlled well. The room is kept quiet and darkened to ensure that the children have good quality sleep during the day. Any children who need to sleep earlier or later are also catered for and staff monitor all sleeping children to ensure that they are kept safe at all times.
Shirley - Honey RoomWhat do Parents need to provide?
Parents are required to provide nappies and wipes for their children. Nappies and wipes can be bought in daily or in bulk. We also ask that parents bring in a change of clothes and bibs if their child needs them.
If children are drinking formula milk then parents are asked to provide this for their baby. This can be bought in daily or a tub can be kept at nursery. We also provide a tomme tippee beaker for the children but if your child prefer's their own then they may have that instead.
During the summer months, we ask parents to provide a sun hat, we do have nursery sun cream thats factor 50 and sensitive but if you would like to provide your own then your more than welcome to.
During the winter months, we ask parents to provide warm clothing, a coat, hat and wellies. If they wish, parents can bring in slippers for their children also.

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