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Sheldon - Main RoomOur main room is designed for children age 2 - 5 years or until they are ready to move onto school. We are able to have 30 children of this age in this room at any one time.
Our main room is more structured than our baby unit, our activities are designed to make learning exciting, stimulating and enjoyable. Children are encouraged to explore and develop at their own pace and gain the necessary independence and skills that are required for school.

Activities are offered to the children throughout the day, some of which are decided through the children's interests and key person observations and others are a balance of activities chosen by the children themselves and adult led activities. As our children become more aware of the world around them we use their interest and show them things that fill them with wonder.
Sheldon - Main Room
We have areas of learning within main room, that promote;

Three Prime Areas
Personal, social and emotional development
Communication and Language
Physical Development
Four Specific Areas
Understanding the World
Expressive arts and design.

Sheldon - Main RoomA Typical day in Main Room...
We start our day with a breakfast bar at 7.30am til 9am, with free choice of cereals for the children, if children miss the breakfast bar and have not eaten breakfast, staff will always ensure your child has eaten.
We use a self registration board in main room, using pictures of each child along with their name, each morning after breakfast, the children must find their picture and attach it to the board which is at their eye line.

We then use our free flow system, during this time the children have access to all areas of learning within the room, including a role play area, messy area and an interactive whiteboard, along with access to a well resourced outdoor area. We also introduce adult led activities and children's choice activities up until lunch time. A snack bar is set out in the room at 10am for children to come and help themselves to a small pot of fruit and vegetables, along with a choice of milk or water. Our snack bar is self service, supported by a member of staff, this is to increase their independence and skills to make decisions.

Sheldon - Main RoomAt 11.30am the children sit together for singing and a story, after learning numbers, shapes and colours, as well as discussing weather and days of the week. After the children have sat for story they wash their hands for lunch. Hygiene is very important to us at Busy Little Bees and its a topic that's always discussed in group time and circle times.

Lunch is served at 11.45am and the children are served with either a cold packed lunch from home or a hot meal which is provided by lunch our younger children who require a sleep are settled down in our quiet home corner on comfy bed mats. Whilst the younger children rest we provide a range of activities for the other children after a quiet story.

Sheldon - Main RoomFrom 2pm free flow is started again, a range of activities are set out for the children, this continues until 3.30pm when we stop the children for circle time. This is where we discuss topics like healthy lifestyles, safety, letters and sounds.
Its also a great chance for the children to discuss something personal, like a recent holiday or day trip, or perhaps someone is visiting them at home, it provides them the chance to interact, share, listen and connect over stories. The snack bar is again provided from 2pm with a different choice of fruit and vegetables.
At 3.45pm the children wash their hands and sit down for a light tea e.g. pasta, sandwiches, wraps, crackers, jacket potatoes, all served with fresh fruit and the choice of milk or water. Once tea is finished, the children enjoy a few short stories before free choice activities are continued until they are collected by 6.00pm.
During the day the children have the choice of whether they choose to play indoors or outdoors, with our fully implemented free flow into our outdoor area. Again this will increase their independence and decision making skills.
This is an exciting time in the development of your child and it’s when the fun really begins. A child has so many questions at this age and we aim to provide answers through experimental learning, play and interaction.

Sheldon - Main RoomActivities
Creative activities - cutting, sticking and collaging, lots of brightly coloured paper and child safe glue
Construction - this is very popular and we offer the children a variety of construction resources, to allow them to build and problem solve.
Painting - every child's favourite! Nice, bright, colourful and MESSY!!
Sensory play/Messy play (rice / flour / sand / playdough / gloop / jelly etc) - this helps our children to understand how different things feel and move
Water play - we have objects that float and sink and squirt and swim!
Music time - sing-a-long with nursery rhymes and musical instruments from around the world
Story time - short stories with fun and acting
Outdoor play - various activities are planned for the outdoor area, including sand and water, bikes and scooters, communication area with mats and cushions and bats and balls etc which are available daily. We also have a digging area for the children to explore soil and possible wildlife that could be in their. The children are encouraged to handle tools such as spades, rakes and forks safely during their exploration play.

Sheldon - Main RoomA big emphasis for us at this age is teaching the children how we all interact together and how to appreciate others. We focus on social skills and enabling them to express themselves.
Teaching a child how to be patient, how to share and to take turns is often not easy, but these are lessons that can be learned through guidance and support from the staff, these are also displayed to the children by our staff and through ethos and rules within the room. Photographs of the children following the rules are displayed within the room for all to see.

We have 5 golden rules in our main room, which were agreed, discussed and chosen by the children
We walk in nursery, We listen, We are kind, We look after toys, We use our kind hands

Additional Information
We ask the parents to supply disposable nappies and wipes for their child (these can be daily or in bulk) and we ask that you also bring a spare set of clothes each day, because playtimes can get messy!
For the summer months - please provide a sun hat and sun cream (this can be brought in daily or kept at nursery). We will encourage the children to drink lots of water during the hot days.For the winter months - please provide warm clothing, coat, hat, gloves, scarf and wellies (these can be kept at nursery or brought in each day). We have a selection of water proof coats and trousers for the wet days.
We provide all water beakers for children which are sterilised each evening and we label all cups once your child is at nursery to avoid confusion.

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