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Flexible Funding Childcare & Education Offers
Our funding is offered as Just 15/30 or Flexible 15/30, depending on your overall childcare requirements

15 Hours Government Funding
At the age of 3 years your child is eligible for 570 hours of funded education which we offer flexibly as an enhanced stretched offer of 576 hours for 48 weeks of the year. We also have some limited places to offer for 38 weeks. Our various sessions are shown in the tables below and where parents choose to access an Enhanced Offer, over and above the basic government funded provision, then there is an additional charge that covers additional services. These services include, but are not limited to, extra hours, snacks, lunches, trips outside the nursery, parties for children, equipment or gifts that the children take home such as for Mother's or Father's Day and other such specific activities that the nursery buys in specifically for children. You are not obliged to take up these additional services and you can access your funded only hours at NIL COST over the 38 week sessions as shown. Any additional hours outside our funded delivery are charged for but if you are attending all year round then we ensure your funded entitlement is accounted for on your invoice, usually, but not always, as a numerical sum. This sum equates to your 'free' entitlement from the government and the balance relates to the fees for your remaining childcare, as shown in the Fees List, plus any outstanding monies carried forward.

30 Hours Government Funding
A further 570 hours of extended entitlement childcare are available for eligible families. The eligibility criteria for this is available on the government and our own website and there are links on the website. It is the parents responsibility to check their eligibility through HMRC and they must provide an eligibility code to ourselves for checking with the Local Authority prior to being able to take up the extended offer. We only offer our '30 hours' as 1140 hours stretched over 48 or 51 weeks of the year, giving an average of 22.35 hours per week. We are able to offer places at NIL COST, as shown in our Fees List, subject to our usual availability. We do not offer 30 hours places over a 38 week Term. Please see our Admissions Policy for further information. Where you choose to attend all year round then your total funding entitlement will be accounted for on your invoice and shown as a number of hours. This equates to your 'free’ entitlement from the government and the balance relates to the fees for your remaining childcare.

To check eligibility for Tax Free Free Childcare, 15  and 30 hours funding,  please see the childcare choices website. 

Tax Credits And Childcare has further information about childcare including details of the Governments childcare voucher scheme.


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