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At Busy Little Bees we provide children with nutritious and balanced meals.
Our lunches are made by Robinson's Caterers and are delivered daily. The meals are home cooked and we provide a large variety of meals ranging from sweet and sour chicken to roast beef, potatoes and vegetables. Each meal is served with fruit or vegetables and children are always encouraged to try new foods. Hot meals are included within the nursery fees.

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During meal times the children are encouraged to use their knives and forks safely. Staff will always assist younger children with feeding and teach them from a young age to be independent with self care.

Water is accessible to the children throughout the day so that they can freely access it at any time.
Breakfast is offered to the children between 7.30-8.45am. The children can come and choose what they would like for breakfast from the breakfast table. A choice of cereals and toast is offered throughout the week. Children can also have a drink of water or milk with their breakfasts.
Morning and afternoon snack is offered to the children. Their snack compromises of a choice of fresh fruit, breadsticks, raisins and rice cakes. Snack time is an ideal opportunity for children to make choices about what they would like to eat. They choice what snack they would like and whether they would like milk or water.

Busy Little Bees - MealsAfternoon tea is made at nursery and served between 3pm and 4pm. We provide a wide range of options for tea time, including sandwiches, wraps, houmous and dips and spaghetti on toast.  All tea options are served with fruit and vegetables.
We offer a full vegetarian option to the children. Special dietary needs should be discussed with the child's Key Person and the Nursery Manager to ensure that each child's needs are correctly catered for. Parents can also speak directly to our caterers to discuss lunchtime meals and their ingredients. 
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