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Shirley - Baby room

Our baby room caters for children between 6 weeks and 2 years old and we can take up to 12 children each day in this room. The Bumble bees staff are caring, friendly and understand the needs of their children well.
Bumble bees has a welcoming, homely feel to it and as well as the main play area, there is a kitchen and nappy changing room within it.

Staff ratios Shirley Bumbles Room

We operate a 1:3 ratio in our baby room and children's routines are displayed to ensure that all staff are aware of the babies individual needs. On collection the staff will talk with you about your child's day and about the activities they have been doing.
If you require any specific information regarding your child's day then your key person will ensure that this information is recorded and passed onto parents/guardians.

Shirley Bumbles RoomActivities
The children enjoy a wide range of activities in the Bumble bees room. Examples of our activities are:
Messy play - Getting messy with lots of foods such as Baked beans, Gloop, Jelly Pasta, Rice and Play dough
Musical Instruments and singing - the children enjoy and respond to the different sounds that the staff and instruments can make.Story time - Listening to our favourite stories.
Construction - Building towers and knocking them down
Small world - Cars, small world people and farm and animals
Role play - Cooking each other lots of yummy meals and playing with the babies.
Outdoor play - Playing with the mud kitchen and making lots of mess!!, Going down the slide and exploring the environment
Sand and Water play - playing with bubbles, splashing, filling and emptying containers and exploring the different textures

Shirley Nursery

Busy Little Bees
2 Newborough Road,
B90 2HA

Telephone : 0121 744 4858
Email : infoshirley@busylittlebeesnursery.co.uk

Hall Green Nursery

Busy Little Bees
1493 Stratford Road,
Hall Green
B28 9HT

Telephone: 0121 733 6686
Email: infohallgreen@busylittlebeesnursery.co.uk 

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